Oil pastel (commonly referred to as "PAS" or "CREPAS") is smooth, deep and easy to draw.

Crayon is easier to draw lines because of hardness and thin than oil pastels.

Crayon is used paraffin wax, a candle material, as the main ingredient.

It doesn't get on your hands,

so it's suitable for lower grades.

Gel-Crayon is softer than oil pastels. It's easier to melt in water,

and has a brighter expression.

TITI Gel-Crayon is a new concept of crayon that has many advantages, including a smooth touch, vivid color, blending and painting effects (the color stays clear even when water is applied), and easy to pick up for children.

The color harmony with the oil pastel is natural and has various expression techniques.

Color-pencil is usually the first material you meet when you first draw.

Children usually use a lot for sketching, but just using colored pencils is a great material.

It's easy to use because it doesn't come out of color and is used to draw fine lines.

TITI Color-pencil is painted clearly and have excellent color representation.


Draw a crayon on the paper what you want to represent.

And if you paint it with watercolors, the watercolors on the crayons don't colored because of a reaction. It is painted only on the background,

making the crayon-painted picture.


Collect objects with bumps such as bark, coins, wire mesh, keys, etc.

Place the collected object and cover it with a sheet of paper, such as imitation paper or flower paper, with a pencil or crease. If you rub it with a patch,

you can express the harmony, balance, or three-dimensional feeling of the entire screen.

1. Cut the hole in the paper in the desired shape.
2. Place the cut paper on the drawing paper and draw it with a patch or paint 

    or dip it in the cutting area to express the collar.
3. You can express it repeatedly using cut paper.


1 First, paint a bright color on the paper and cover it with dark colors such as

   black, blue. And draw by scratching with a knife, an awl.
2 When you paint bright colors, it reminds you of the shape of things such as

   triangle, square, circle, etc. You can paint them freely.

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