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CLAY Pouch 50g, 120g

  • Seoul, Gyeonggi, Chungjeong : 031)631-7955

  • Busan : 051)202-1286

  • Daegu : 053)627-4965

  • Jeollabuk-do : 063)236-0787

  • ETC : Stores in each

  • If you want to receive A/S, please contact us.

  • Service Center : Seoyicheon-ro 228 Route 60 in Majang-myeon, Icheon, Gyeonggi-do TITI (1522-9550)

  • Regulations for A/S Pencil sharpener

Free service

① If there is something wrong with the product itself

② When a malfunction occurs due to a manufacturing defect in normal


③ Except for negligence, replacement of blades and parts due to overuse is

    excluded from free service.

Paid service

① Failure due to user carelessness

② Repair and replacement of blade due to overuse

③ The cost of processing A/S for paid repairs is in accordance

    with the A/S fee schedule set by the Company.

Account number for paid processing

기업은행 : 064-065480-04-072 (주)티티경인

① In case of spinning : pencil sharpener blade If the center of the pencil is caught (see FAQ)
② When inside gear is worn : Replace inside gear
③ Handle break : 2,000 won paid for - A/S available
④ Damaged cam : Pencil may be used in a dome (for long periods of time). - A/S may be used.
⑤ pencil cut only one side
   - 90% or more of cases of pencil defect
   - In case of defective pencil sharpener: A/S possible
⑥ Knife blade wear : The product ends when used more than 5,000 times.
    Paid - New High SHAPA : 13,000 KRW / Old SHAPA (KI-100) : 11,000 KRW
            - Other SHAPA : 8,000 won.


Q If the blade of the knife is spinning or the pencil is not sharpened well.

1) Check and remove the broken pencil lead on the blade (CAUTION: Mainly occurs when using a 4B pencil).
    Turn the inside gear to the left, take the handle and the blade out, and then the broken pencil lead

    between the blades.
    Remove with toothpick or tweezers and place the blade in place.

2) When inside gear is worn: apply for A/S.
3) When the blade is worn: apply for A/S.


Q Causes of eccentricity when sharpening pencils

1) The wood material of the plate (tree part of the pencil) is bent using low quality

    (blood, zero-don, mardi-car, etc.)
2) Poor work and not completely dry when draining the sheet material

    (steamed at high pressure to remove wood resin)
    The pencil is bent by working with something.
3) If the osteoporosis operation for graphite core does not work uniformly,
    (The pencil lead is tilted to one side.)
4) Two axles (the process of attaching two plates) When working,

    the strength of the two plates is not the same and warped.

Q Why does an automatic pencil sharpener's temperature shoe break?

Temperature Hughes has the property to automatically break when the right level of heat is heated. To prevent heat from heating and damaging the cutting itself, temperature Hughes is attached and automatically breaks when heat rises above the proper level, regardless of the number of cuts.

Apply for parts even if temperature tissue is broken.

Q seam control (when pencils are cut thin or thick)

Generally, you don't press the shim control button when you want a thin shim,

but you cut it when you want a bold stroke.
Just press it.

Q defective pencil products

1) Wood
Most of the pencils sold in Korea are from third countries, and due to price-cutting competition, wood materials are made of blood and zero-don,
The use of bad wood such as Madika often results in the bending, twisting, and eccentricity of pencils.
Most of the Korean, Japanese, American and German brands use American scented trees that are of good quality, making them almost unbiased.

2) Pencil lead
The pencil lead of a third country product is a pencil that uses graphite and clay as a lower grade product, so the color concentration is dimmed.
It is often bitter and contains stone powder, resulting in roughness.
When compared to Korean-made KS standard pencils, one can easily see the soft feel of written writing and its thickness.

3) Dimensions (axial)
The diameter of the pencil (edge) is less than 8.0mm of KS standard, and in case of products from third countries, it does not fit the dimensions of the pencil sharpener.
Sometimes it is not inserted.

Q Warranty content (pencil sharpener)

1) Free service
  - If there is a problem with the product itself on the first purchase
  - In the event of a manufacturing defect under normal operating conditions
  - Sword exchange due to user carelessness or excessive use is excluded from the free service.

2) Paid service
  - Failure due to user carelessness
  - When the blade is repaired or replaced due to overuse
  - The A/S processing cost for the paid repairs is in accordance

    with the A/S fee schedule set by the company.

Q When you want a pencil sharpener repaired

1) Contact your local distributor
 - Seoul, Gyeonggi, Chungcheong : (031)631-7955
 - Busan : (051)255-0012
 - Daegu : (053)627-4965
 - Jeollabuk-do : (063)236-0787
 - ETC : a local discount store

2) Contact the service center directly.
1) sales center : (031)631-7955

Q Where can I buy the product?

You can buy it at a nearby stationery store or discount store.

If you don't have the product you want to buy,
We'll let you know if you contact us at (02-555-0011).

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