TITI has made the best stationery products for children. We will continue to make safer and better phrases in the future.

  • TITIPAS are certified patches that are non-toxic (CE, AP-certified). 

  • Bright, dark, and wide areas are soft and easy to color. 

  • It's a great mix of colors.

  • The smoothness of use makes it easier for children to paint.

  • I can't get rid of the residue.

  • The blade, the life of a pencil sharpener, is made in Japan with excellent special techniques and can be used for a long time.

  • You can find various products for use, such as pacemaker, manual, and electro-mobile

  • The only pencil sharpener in Korea is A/S. 

  • It's a long-lasting product.

  • The non-toxic (CE, AP certification mark) is a certified paint. 

  • The color is excellent, clear, and long-lasting.

  • Mixed colors are rich and pretty. 

  • It's made of one-touch caps that are easy to open and close.

  • It doesn't harden very well.

  • It's soft and doesn't get on your hands.

  • Natural dryness in the air makes the peacock simple. 

  • It doesn't smell because it doesn't use spices. 

  • The color is bright and clear to help you study color.

T-prime colored pencil
  • High quality, professional color pencils in bright, vivid colors.

  • A thick shim of 3.3mm does not break easily; it is soft and long lasting.

  • Use clean, luxurious micro-treatment and high-end wood for a comfortable use.

  • Coloring large areas is easy and quick.

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